Sminiker Professional Retractable Dog Leash
parameters1:Durable Retractable Dog Leash
parameters2:Comfortable & Safety
Sminiker Professional Retractable Dog Leash is the only dog leash you need for your beloved pet. Walk at a pace that both you and your dog enjoy, keep retractable leash that way by pushing the button all the way down to lock the leash. Click the button back to slowly reel in your dog bit by bit.Strong and durable nylon ribbon extends 16.5 feet and is strong enough to pull dogs up to 110lbs. ABS casing and anti-slip comfort grip allows the greatest ease on your dog walk.

Instructions :
1.Locking the retractable leash on dog  collar, grasp the handle. The dog  activities let the rope stretch(Please do not use your hand to pull the leash directly)
2.Pressing the STOP button to stop the leash from stretching automatically if you need to control the dog temporarily. 
3.Pulling the LOCK button back, to restore the automatic extension of the leash. 

Color: Black 
Weight:13.5 ounces 
Product size: 6.2  x 5  x 1.5 
Shell material: ABS plastic 
Rope material: Nylon + Ribbon 
Size: For medium and large-sized pets, supports up to 110 pounds-heavy duty
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