Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen With 6 Ink Refills

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  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum for superior strength & Portability. it’s not only can be used window breaking and escape, but also safeguard against attackers in emergency situations, this is a MUST-HAVE to your personal survival gear.
  • Thread Design at the handle, excellent anti-skid ability and good grip, you can sense smooth, continuous, effortless and even ink transfer.
  • The tactical pen with very hard glass breaker, which can be used for emergency car window breaking when trapped in a car.
  • Tactical pen has a heavy duty pocket clip so that you can attach it to your shirt,pant pockets ,backpack, bags and notebook, etc. Perfect for daily use and traveling.
  • Package included: 1 x Tactical Pen and 6 Tactical Refill. One year satisfaction warranty & friendly customer service.


131 reviews for Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen With 6 Ink Refills

  1. Adan Ramirez

    I use this everyday since I got it in the mail. Everyone at work really notices the pen when they pick it up sign their name on documents.

  2. Mathew Edward Mckinty

    Light weight smooth writing easy to use

  3. Briana Bazzle

    Love the size and good grip on the pen

  4. Elizabeth Parrish

    It is a well made product; I love that it comes with extra refill cartridges for the pen function. It is heavy and feels like it is made with a durable material.

  5. Billy Correll

    I bought 6 of them for my shift. I’m a firefighter/EMT I expect I’ll put this pen to good use. Using it as a window punch and of course as for writing reports. Thank you for a great tool an even better gift for my shift


    It can be useful in case of an emergency there’s been many earthquakes in Puerto Rico in the last couple of days that’s why I decided to buy it.

  7. Salim Frazier

    The product quality is actually greater than I expected and it is very durable and sturdy. It allows me the space I lost by using individual hangers while also making it easier for me to choose which pants I want to wear easily. I will definitely recommend this product to all of my friends and family as a way to better organize their closets and afford them the flexibility of utilizing their closet space more wisely.

  8. Carl Scott

    Seems sturdy, arrived quickly, overall seems to be a good product.

  9. Michael Black

    I think the tactical pen is well built and very functional and I don’t anticipate it would ever break under any circumstances under which I would use it. My only comment / suggestion would be, consider making another model that looks a little less tactical such as the Shrade SCPENBK. Less knurling and more fluting. But this is a fantastic value!

  10. Gregg J Phillips

    Diameter a little large for my liking

  11. Sha Fuller

    I purchased this product because a friend recommended it for safely reasons. I haven’t been able to fully try it out but will do a review in the coming days.

  12. Anna M Agloro

    I was recommended this product by my Kung Fu teacher. It is nicely weighted, feels sturdy, and is nice to use as a pen. It makes me feel more comfortable with self defense and is a great price.

  13. Darvin Jordan

    Good pen. I hope that a Fisher Space Pen refill will fit in it.

  14. Robyn Christy

    I love this pen. I needed a sturdier pen for in my pockets since I kept breaking all of the ones I had.

  15. Roger DeGree

    I like the product, because it is heavy duty

  16. Darell Murray

    Awesome pen writes great But just incredible to have the Tip for survival of any situation I find my family in:) Pretty cheap tool to think can save your life or your Loved ones 🙂 Thx for giving us the opportunity to enjoy a True Survival “Pen”

  17. Robert Taylor

    I need a pen thats heavy and durable while working EMS. Also, a pen that isnt a clicker or with a cap. The twist open is very stiff and the pen tip doesnt seem to work itself out which is another plus.

  18. terry jarrad

    very attractive product with multiple uses. Nice weight and hand feel. Good value for money – excellent value actually. Really appreciate the refill ink cartridges too as this will save time down the track. Stacks up well against other pens out there.

  19. Stephanie rivas

    The functionality is amazing, I always need a pen for work and I really liked your product. I decided on your product from the reviews and am very happy with my results. This is an amazing pen.

  20. Linda Calvin

    I’m very happy that I have this tool to keep me safe in my car, as well as a useful pen to write with, I am also very happy that product came with multiple pen refills! I bought this product after reading an article about top Xmas gifts for 2019 and seeing reviews online.

  21. Bryan Salamon

    Just started using it, but even if I don’t ever use it, it provides me with significant comfort.
    It’s also an amazingly comfortable pen, and easy to use.

  22. Brandon Williams

    Seems like good quality. First pen I bought like this. Hopefully the ink holds up under heavy conditions.

  23. Christopher Johnson

    I just received this but it seems like a quality product

  24. Marguerite Tomlin

    This was a gift from my girlfriend and I love how functional it is! Just my type of tool 🙂

  25. Amal Mattu

    Nice design, price, and function. Overall cool tool just to have.

  26. Chuck Sprick

    Looking good! I’ll carry this and keep it handy.

  27. Christopher Stewart

    Upon opening it the pen looks like it’s made with good quality it comes with 7 ink wells .. writes nice looks good !

  28. Lisette Meszaros

    Durable and light but functional, well made.

  29. James Mendenhall

    It’s a great product I highly recommend it to anyone

  30. Jillian Leigh Mansfield

    I love multi-purpose tools, so this is great! The pen writes smoothly, I appreciate that it’s heavy duty, and it makes me more comfortable to have a tool available in my car should an emergency arise.

  31. FRANCES Rodz

    Great product
    Nice idea for a gift
    Really hard material

  32. Keith Laws

    Great size and weight. The design is awesome. This product is a great value. I will tell all my friends.

  33. Kim Culbertson

    I saw an article about this pen online and wanted to have one for self-defense. A relative purchased it for me as a gift and I am very excited to use it. It does write very smoothly and has some heft to it. I plan to carry it in my purse wherever I go.

  34. Matt Hayward

    I have just received it and wanted to go ahead and activate the warranty. It seems of higher quality than the knock off that I was gifted for Christmas. It feels very substantial and the opening/closing has a nice noticeable stop. It does not seem to write exceptionally well and just feels like a cheap Bic but hopefully a Fischer space refill will help out.

  35. Brian Webster


  36. Rafael Dominguez

    Haven’t use it yet, but I like the design and the price.

  37. Mike Resler

    The product is as described. Seems tough and writes well. I wish I had a n option for blue ink when I ordered the pen.

  38. Keith E Polonoli

    Very well made product. The price point is excellent. One of the rare occasions that the consumer is getting far more than he/she is paying for. I love the extra ink refills. Very smooth writing pen and it looks great! I get a great deal of questions/comments at the office. A reasonable price for a well-made pen that writes great that can save your life…I say but it…

  39. Joe Walsh

    Great pen. Very lightweight but sturdy. You can tell the quality as soon as you take it out of the box.

  40. Chris Golden

    I just received this gift as a stocking stuffer. Don’t know anything about it yet.

  41. Mel L Keaton

    I just got the pen for Christmas. Saw it on Amazon and thought I would give it a try. Too early to know anything about how I feel about using it… I do like the weight and feel in my hand though, it’s comfortable.

  42. David Johnson

    Santa gave me this for Christmas, and I am extremely excited to use it.

  43. Mason Guthrie

    I have only used it for a short time but like it so far.

  44. Suzanne Skasik

    Product seems stable but have not had to use so not sure if effective.

  45. Angel Moronta

    Functional, attractive design that makes writing something different. The product pushes you to sit down and work hard on your stuff!!!

  46. Jonie Latimer-Brady / Lori Klinkenberg

    I received this as a gift and love it! It is a beautiful product. With a smart design. The pen writes so smoothly and the tool is so functional.

  47. Lee Gilliland

    I’m very satisfied with the quality of the product. It has a good weight to it. I haven’t tested it fully yet but I think it will get the job done. It was bigger than I had originally thought when I saw the picture on amazon. All in all I am very pleased with my order. Thank you.

  48. Brandann R. Hill-Mann

    I received this as a gift from my husband (he got one for our daughter, too). This is going to be my new purse pen.

  49. Chase Everett Crapo

    I like to product so far. I would like it see it be a little bit thinner and the clip not so long.

  50. Tyler Feehan

    It is well designed and functions great

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