Sminiker Professional LED Folding Walking Cane

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  • 1.Walking cane gives you what you need to provide strong support, and safety measures to prevent accidents.
  • 2. Folding walking stick design style, great vision in the night.
  • 3. Super wide rotating head makes it easy to walk on any type of ground with cushioning handle and increase comfort.
  • 4. Folding cane Stands up on its own, cushion handle Aluminum Stick Rubber base support.
  • 5. Carrying Bag Included, folds up in seconds, light weight, folds small so it fits in your handbag.


Product description

The sminiker LED Folding Walking cane fully-equipped,an extra-wide, pivoting head designed for perfect balance on most surfaces, including gravel, sand and snow.Take those stairs with ease and never let uneven terrain get between you and doing what you love.Now you can walk up and down those challenging hills confidently. The cane even stands by itself when left unattended. The folding design makes it convenient for travel, while the built-in LED lights safely guide you in the dark. Includes foldaway strap.
Including waist strap: Yes
Section number: 4
Style: T Shape Style
Handle material: Foam
Stick material: Aluminum alloy
The rod tip material: Rubber
Including a suspension: Yes
Weight: 0.45KG
Length: 82cm-94cm


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