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Sminiker 5 in 1 Waterproof Hair Clipper

  • Including a hair clipper,hair trimmer, nose trimmer, shaver and precision trimmer.

  • Different attachments allow you to create your unique look with effortless precision.

  • Come with 4 haircut(3/6/9/12mm) and a long hair comb positioning combs-Trim your hair as your wish.

  • Storage and Charging combined into one, 2 hours charging can support hairstyle shaping working continuously for 60 minutes.


Our Customers Say

“I purchased this new cordless hairclipper about 2 weeks ago, and used 2 twice, it works very well, the noise is lower than the traditional hairclippers, they are very light, and easy to use , the quality is very well made. The battery last long, the first time, I used for about 40 mins, and they still going. The difference size clippers that came with it are also well made, better than thin one that I get before. I would definitly recommend this product. You will like it too.”


“Clippers are very quiet and vibrate smoothly & consistently. Clipper guards clip on and off easily and come in a variety of lengths. Included shears are very good quality and cut well. I used this on my 2.5yo who normally hates haircuts but didn’t mind it when I used these clippers. Also used the clipper with no guard to clean up around ears and neck which worked well and didn’t pinch or hurt at all. Clippers cut effectively and didn’t require more passes than expected. ”

Jeffrey Bal

“After reading reviews for seemingly days, I came across Sminiker. I was reluctant to go with a brand I’d not heard of before but I gave it a shot. I am pleased with the product. They do not get got even after prolonged use. I’ve used it three times since Christmas and still haven’t needed to charge it. The guards slide on and click into place. Its super quiet and light weight. I almost forgot about it comes with an additional battery as well and no cord!! So far, I am pleased.”

Jessica hosmer

“After numerous trips to kids hair cutting places where I was overpaying and not getting what I wanted, I decided to take matters into my own hands. The kit is very reasonably priced, comparable to one of those overpriced haircuts. Super easy to use- either while plugged in, or once charged up. The guards are easy to attach and remove. And the convenience of a comb and scissors is also nice! All in all, a really great buy!”


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We supply premium qualified high-end Hair Clippers with affordable prices.

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