Sminiker Professional 5 in 1 Multi-functional Waterproof Man’s Grooming Kit Hair Clippers Beard Trimmer Kit Body Groomer Kit of Mustache Trimmer Nose Hair Trimmer Precision Trimmer



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  • 1. This Man’s Grooming Kit including a hair clipper,hair trimmer, nose trimmer, shaver and precision trimmer.the head of the grooming kit can support waterproof but please don’t put the whole motor body into water.also come with a Manicure set(Free Gift)
  • 2. Different attachments allow you to create your unique look with effortless precision, whether you’re trimming your beard, tidying your ear and nose areas or clipping your hair.
  • 3. Come with 4 haircut(3/6/9/12mm) and a long hair comb positioning combs-Trim your hair to exactly the length you want, by locking in the setting that suits your desired look,you can easily trim hair perfectly .
  • 4. Storage and Charging combined into one, 2 hours charging can support hairstyle shaping working continuously for 60 minutes.
  • 5. The trimmer’s tempered steel blades will never break, dull or rust and the guards are reinforced to prevent bending or buckling while you trim.












1 x适配器
1 x充电基地
1 x钉锉

96 reviews for Sminiker Professional 5 in 1 Multi-functional Waterproof Man’s Grooming Kit Hair Clippers Beard Trimmer Kit Body Groomer Kit of Mustache Trimmer Nose Hair Trimmer Precision Trimmer

  1. Hector Rivera

    I enjoyed the product. It gave me an excellent shave

  2. Dimitry Cohen

    I wish the combs would come off more easily and I wish there were more settings for the beard trimmer. Also, the case does’t have a place for the cleaning brush.

  3. Jack Kennelly

    It seems like a good grooming tool, especially for the price point. Comes with multiple heads.

  4. Marvin Gilbert

    Just started using it, so far so good.

  5. Daniel Baker

    I haven’t used it much but it seems like a good product

  6. Jeffrey Lamp

    So far I am impressed. I like the versatility and ease of the attachments. The charging base with organization slots is a very nice addition.

  7. Adam Wilkinson

    I just received the trimmer. I actually didn’t realize it came with all the accessories of the nail kit cone and all the attachments. I knew it came with a couple of heads but that was it. Even better bang for the buck. we’ll see how it works after a few months of use.

  8. Anuar Majana León

    Awesome machine! I love it so far

  9. James Goodrich

    I love the functionality of the Sminiker Pro groomer. Easy to use and clean. Looking forward to years of use.

  10. Tyler Brubach

    Great I realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly like it

  11. Russell gay

    Nice product I like it. Djdjebzjn djendnj dirixjuxy. Didnebzj sidjenjzjjdjdmz. Diidjebjzjdjndjdndnxjj. SJSU’s did Jen didndbxjn dhcndb jdjxjxn

  12. Brian Crosby

    The product seems very durable and the price was right. I used it last night and it worked great right out of box. I would recommend this product to anyone.

  13. Jose Vera

    It’s cuts and leaves my face smooth, it’s so many different guards I can’t mess up.

  14. David Turnupseed

    I am very happy with the trimmer. The accessories assortment are helpful and the stand is handy.

  15. John Santos

    It is great product.. easy to use good quality and safe.

  16. MelRoset Lewis

    I love this product, it’s so beneficial && has many functions, my husband received this as a Valentine’s Day gift && he loves it !

  17. Reinier Sardinas

    Looks very heavy duty the product I just love it thanks

  18. Christopher Cox

    I got this for a present from my wife and it’s the absolute best shaver.

  19. William Russo

    Does everything and more than i thought of

  20. Joseph Calderaro

    Actually really love this product. I just recently purchased it and I have no complaints. And loved the free gift!

  21. Alexander Godinez

    Es excelente, lo compre por que ví los comentarios de los clientes y me pareció que sería un buen producto. Lo he utilizado un par de veces y es excelente

  22. Bronson

    I ordered one a while back and decided to use the old one at work to keep my elderly patients looking sharp. Love this product great value!!

  23. Ryan Soriano

    I like all of the included attachments. It’s very versatile.
    I would like it if the charging base was heavier because it moves around a lot while trying to put and take out attachments which makes it difficult.
    It did well, I dropped it into water and it still worked as advertised.

  24. Alan Brown

    I just got it and have not used it yet.

  25. Adebowale Ala

    Was amazed at the content and packaging. It was a pleasant gift

  26. Anthony Maderas

    Quality product this far, excited to continue use and see how the product holds up long term.

  27. Richard Jackson

    I’ll keep you posted on the performance of the product as I use it more.

  28. Ali Altalaqani

    I really enjoyed this product at an excellent price. It fulfilled all of my needs and more!

  29. Arda Yazici

    Good product lots of tools to make my shave easier. It just nicks my skin sometimes maybe because it’s new.

  30. Andrew

    Works better than I expected. I especially love the organizer and charging dock all in 1.

  31. Lucien Germain

    Appreciate the holding tray/charging comb, But it feels cheap

  32. Megan Miller

    Love the design. An how everything has a place in the charging tray. It’s always at hand an easy to see

  33. Edwin Garcia

    I like the set up and how organized it is.

  34. Jerry Hubbard

    I bought the product to use for myself but my wife and daughter both love it also for their hair care needs it is a all-in-one product that is easy to use by everyone in the family I wish I could keep it to myself but they had discovered its many uses also so I have to share with them.

  35. Larry Harrell

    It appears to be well made I’m buying one fir my Son and best friend

  36. Christopher Wiese

    Works pretty good so far. I haven’t used it long enough to give a full review. I like the self sharpening blades, that its rechargeable, and can use it in the shower. I also like all of the included attachments.

  37. John Booth

    I like it feels solid and dependable
    Lots of attachments and useful charge case
    Came a day late but that’s Amazon’s fault.

  38. Rizwan Hussain

    The trimer has many great attachments, including the vertical trimmer with adjustable clipper

  39. Azaz shafqat

    It is very good i find it online and attracted me with offer its a whole grooming pack a man need

  40. Thomas Del Negro

    The product has multiple heads for different hair cutting purposes, such as beard trimmer, mustache triner, side birns trimmer, nose and ear hair trimmer.. The clipper, after charging lasts over an hour.

  41. Carl Crawford

    I have yet to use it because I have just received it has a gift

  42. Zeeshan Memon

    The blades and stuff are very sharp and precise. Works good. Price is good. Content with my purchase.

  43. Adalberto Garcia

    I feel like the product is well made in some aspects but poorly made in others. Otherwise, a good overall product at the price point

  44. Chris Loesch

    Waterproof which is what I was looking for. Multi purpose trimmer

  45. Michele Cinquegrano

    My husband thinks the tool is weak.

  46. Cyrus Heidary

    I like it. It does the job well.

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