Sminiker Professional Hair Clippers – Gray

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  • 【Hair Clipper】Heavy-duty gear for proper powerful cut, with stable and steady control. The R shaped rounded edge design prevents from accidentally hurting skin.
  • 【Clippers】Titanium blade combining with the ceramic movable blade for efficient and long term cutting. The titanium blade of the hair clipper will not get rusty. It always keeps sharp and ensures high durability.
  • 【Self Hair Cutting System】New user friendly, we provide3-6-9-12-15-18mm guide combs. Now you can easily adjust the combs to the proper height. With leveled combs, you can easily trim hair perfectly even.
  • 【Cordless Hair Clippers】Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design, free it from work noise with only about 50 db, to help kids and babies feel at ease, not afraid haircut any more.
  • 【Note:】Please do not disassemble the product by yourself. This product can only be allowed to clean by cloth with a little water or mild soap liquid.



Input Power: 100V-240V 50/60HZ
Dimension: 270*200*58mm
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Using time: 8 hours
Net weight: 575g
Power cord length: about 180cm
Accessories: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm,15mm,18mmcomb guides (used for adjusting hair length), adapter, lithium battery.

1 x Sminiker Cordless Hair Clippers
1 x American standard AC Power Adapter
2 x Rechargeable battery
1 x Cleaning Brush
6 x Comb Attachments
1xclipper oi l

688 reviews for Sminiker Professional Hair Clippers – Gray

  1. Issak Pappenheim

    Very nice I would like to purchase more, smooth and practical charging.

  2. Yoseph Menczer

    its the best item I’m using it about 3 years and i”m very happy about it and making sure to tell my friend and family about it thanks

  3. William cardenas

    It’s very smooth, so far it’s been very comfortable and doesn’t pull on your hairs like other brands

  4. Kevin Burtch

    Seems like a Sturdy and good product

  5. Chris Fryer

    I have used the same clippers for 6-7 years and finally have ordered a replacement. In 25 years of shaving I have never found such quality, and precision. Thank you for such a great product!

  6. ezra brown

    never used a hair cutter like this one i used to think more expensive is better but now i changed my mind buy it u will love it

  7. Travis Rokey

    This product came with extra accessories. A great purchase.

  8. Dawn spencer

    Love the weight, it’s cordless and well made

  9. Jeffrey

    Its pretty light weight and has a nice design plus its pretty good considering the price of the item being sold

  10. Marcelito Elesango

    the design is clean and easy to use. it even includes a brush to dust off the hair from the clippers and a hair comb.

  11. Elizabeth Chabarin

    Profesional hair clipper have a lifetime warranty

  12. Larry S Plovish

    Needed a new pair of clippers. so I looked on Amazon and looked for a pair with good ratings . Came across these and they had good ratins.

  13. Reynaldo López

    La verdad está chida sirve bien y está mejor que es portátil

  14. David Hans

    Seems ok
    Still have to try it out
    Probably tomorrow

  15. Rosendo Garcia

    Works, just as advertised. Will definitely recommend to my family and friends.

  16. Cyndi Buchanan

    Very convenient and lightweight. Easy to use and clean

  17. Andres Hoyos

    I found the clippers great, they were very useful and helped me cut my hair

  18. Martin

    Worked good the first time I used it

  19. Dawn Weston

    This product was shipped quickly, I love the ease of use and the easy instructions for cleaning and assembly.

  20. Qingyuan Dong

    I think the usage is smooth, But worried about is longevity.

  21. KI HO LEE

    I got to know this product on the recommendation of an expert.

  22. Amanda Cannon

    I love the idea that it’s wireless, the battery works great and it last a long time until it needs to be charged again. Great options of sizes as well.

  23. Allen Chan

    Easy to use. Would suggest to make it a little bit smaller and lighter.

  24. Wei Zhou

    Like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Starr Rodriguez

    Love how it is cordless and design

  26. Jieming Shi

    I like this product because it is cordless. Easy to use, and looks nice. Look forward to using it soon

  27. Jenny Pham

    I’m love it so quiet and cut good

  28. Mathew Jacob

    It’s a very good product and it easy to use it.

  29. Edward muller

    I love the product it’s easy to use & maintain & the price is right & I will refer this product to all my friends

  30. jung

    I hope this one is durable razer.

  31. J. Erickson

    Prefer made or Mfg in the USA. I would like to case it is sent with the item

  32. Olivia DeMoss

    Very easy to use. Even for a beginner

  33. Julie Cheng

    Very light, good hand grip. Low noice, smooth cutting feel.

  34. Tzvi Reisz

    excellent device. works fine and smooth

  35. Julia Rozman

    Good for toddler. Not as loud as my husbands trimmer. Toddler did great with it.

  36. Nussen Schwartz

    Super quiet. Very powerful. Excellent quality for the price.

  37. Nussen Schwartz

    Great product, beautiful design, would definitely recommend.

  38. Jin miao

    We really like the clipper that’s a good size and not heavy to hold

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