Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Dogs Cats Horse Grooming Clippers – Professional Pet Hair Clippers with Comb Guides for Dogs Cats Horses and Other House Animals Pet Grooming Kit

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  • Heavy-duty gear for proper powerful cut, horse clipper with stable and steady control.
  • Titanium acute-angle blade combining with the ceramic movable blade for smooth and efficient cutting for cats dogs rabbits horse……
  • New user friendly, we provide 3-6-9-12mm level limiting combs with the package. With limiting comb you can safely trim your pet even if you’ve never done it before. Mobile titanium blade is adjustable ranging from 2mm- 0.9mm for slight adjustment on hair length.
  • Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design. Working noise lower than 60 DB, will not scare you pet.
  • Cordless design for easy use. The pet grooming kit is equipped with a charger. Charging for five hours, it can sustain uses of 70 minutes.


upc:  606462152006

Sminiker Rechargeable Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers
Sminiker clipper set keeps your pets always looking good, it’s very useful both in home and profession salon use! Complete new user friendly, with limiting comb this clipper ensure you a safe cutting and neat and tidy hair result. No more expensive bills for pet grooming and you can do it in an easy way.

Input Power: 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Dimension: 45*175mm
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Using time: 60-70 mins
Net weight: 650g
Color: gold
Power cord length: about 175cm
Accessories: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm Limiting combs (used for adjusting hair length), an adapter, a cleaning brush

Package Includes:
1 x Sminiker Pet clipper
1 x US AC Power Adapter
1 x Rechargeable Battery
1 x Cleaning Brush for Clipper
1 x Stainless Flat scissors
4 x Limiting Combs
1 x Manual
1 × Nail Clipper Kit
1 × Nail File

1480 reviews for Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Dogs Cats Horse Grooming Clippers – Professional Pet Hair Clippers with Comb Guides for Dogs Cats Horses and Other House Animals Pet Grooming Kit

  1. Kurnia Cendanawangi

    I like this clipper, not noisy or make loud noise, so my dog keeps calm when I use it.

  2. Jackie McMurrey

    I have a long-haired cat whose fur became matted. I looked into professional grooming which was extremely expensive. A friend told me she grooms her own pets so I found this product on Amazon. Well worth the price. My cat LOVES it. It has a soothing sound that seems to comfort her.

  3. Gerald D Lyle

    I think that it will make cutting my standard poodles easier

  4. Martin Vazquez

    I love how easy it is to use. The charge lasts a very long time. It makes for dog grooming made simple.

  5. Kim Potter

    Affordable trimmers with all the accessories. Did a great job grooming my shaggy miniature schnauzer. Quiet clippers that my anxious dog did not mind. Would recommend!

  6. Meryl L Prislovsky

    I was very doubtful at first, until I started trimming my dog’s hair. I was blown away! An awesome set of clippers at a reasonable price. My dog has issues with certain noises. I turned on the clippers just checking them out and she came right over to me, like hey what do you have? I gently placed the clippers, while they were on, on her side and she didn’t mind it. So I started to shave her coat down and with each stroke she started to relax more and more. Thank you so much for giving us our bang for our buck!

  7. Joel Ragasa

    Very easy to use , easy to cleaning and the dogs love it so much, I think because of the vibration, they stay in place while clipping their hair.

  8. Yahaira g Gonzalez

    I love it I’m going to try to get more

  9. Donald J Jacobs

    Very easy to use because not very noisy

  10. Amanda Guzman

    It works so far. I appreciate the warranty and the price point.

  11. Yazmin Celaya

    The shaver is not working anymore. It does not charge…… im very disappointed 😞

  12. Carl Cuerpo

    I like this product a lot. Especially the cordless functionality. Really great!!

  13. Jennifer

    So much easier to cut my dogs hair now

  14. Seth Gray

    I found it on Facebook and then checked Amazon since I use them for everything. Haven’t shaved the pups yet but it came very quickly. Packaged very nice and came with everything I would need to groom them properly

  15. Diana Ghannam

    I need to use it more to give accurate feedback. Sometimes the product start having issues after few usages. I like to wait.

  16. Riley Reason

    Great product. Trims well on thick dog coats.

  17. Melissa

    It seems to do the jobbery happy with my purchase , It will safe me money instead of going to the groomers

  18. Mariana Celis

    I love this product! Very easy to use! I love how affordable it is

  19. anthony

    very easy to handle and use. works fabulous on my dog and has everything i need to make my dog look pretty and groom him.

  20. Denae Nielson

    All of the items feel quality! It’s very quiet.

  21. Katie McFarren

    I like it but it recently quit working! Will be contacting to figure it out

  22. Jessy Akins

    I used it for the first time today and it worked great!

  23. Margaret Aguilar

    I like it. Perfect for my Yorkie

  24. Elisha Halverson

    I love these products! I have had my previous pair of clippers for 5 years until they would not cut anymore.

  25. Delores Diane Still

    I have a standard poodle. She hated anything to do with grooming. This is so quite she just sits down and looks forward to be trimmed.

  26. Rachel Ruderman

    I love it! I was just looking for a hair trimmer and bought this kit because of the reviews. It’s been amazing, it has everything i need

  27. Austin Adams

    It’s an great product , my dog is so comfortable with clipping his nails and he is also so still . He is not scared of the clippers , scissors , I enjoy giving him an bath also afterwards.

  28. andres leal-lopez

    Works great alot better than I expected

  29. Brianna Wiley

    I love this product because of the price and functionality. My puppy cannot go to the groomers yet because he doesn’t have all his vaccines. This is a perfect fit for him.

  30. Vanessa ojeda

    The product worked great! I have 3 dogs so it will save me so much money and it gets the job done. They all have different type coats and it works for all.

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