Sminiker Professional 5 in 1 Multi-functional Waterproof Man’s Grooming Kit Hair Clippers Beard Trimmer Kit Body Groomer Kit of Mustache Trimmer Nose Hair Trimmer Precision Trimmer



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  • 1. This Man’s Grooming Kit including a hair clipper,hair trimmer, nose trimmer, shaver and precision trimmer.the head of the grooming kit can support waterproof but please don’t put the whole motor body into water.also come with a Manicure set(Free Gift)
  • 2. Different attachments allow you to create your unique look with effortless precision, whether you’re trimming your beard, tidying your ear and nose areas or clipping your hair.
  • 3. Come with 4 haircut(3/6/9/12mm) and a long hair comb positioning combs-Trim your hair to exactly the length you want, by locking in the setting that suits your desired look,you can easily trim hair perfectly .
  • 4. Storage and Charging combined into one, 2 hours charging can support hairstyle shaping working continuously for 60 minutes.
  • 5. The trimmer’s tempered steel blades will never break, dull or rust and the guards are reinforced to prevent bending or buckling while you trim.












1 x适配器
1 x充电基地
1 x钉锉

392 reviews for Sminiker Professional 5 in 1 Multi-functional Waterproof Man’s Grooming Kit Hair Clippers Beard Trimmer Kit Body Groomer Kit of Mustache Trimmer Nose Hair Trimmer Precision Trimmer

  1. Mark Lammlein

    Great quality and everything you need. Compact and easy to use

  2. Kevin Skirka

    So good for far no complaints. Would speak well about it if asked

  3. Thomas Gravely

    Very versatile product. I will enjoy using it.

  4. Shamima Ahmed

    It works really well! The trimming is smooth and it really helped us get our hair cut during quarantine.

  5. Laura Papetti

    Easy to use and got the job done! I kinda felt like a pro! 😊

  6. Craig

    Mustve read the accessories wrong. I thought this was for hair. I had to buy universal clipper accessories for longer lengths.

  7. David Weatherly

    i enjoy all the attachments so i can do more than a basic haircut, and the charging dock is another neat feature as oopposed to messing with a cable every time.

  8. Amir Fleminger

    The user experience and unboxing is awesome. I still didn’t get a chance to use it, but planning to get my haircut done with it

  9. David Basta

    It has a good design with a lot of functions and easy to charge.

  10. Seth Goodman

    Was able to cut my sons hair for the first time and it came out great. No more paying for hair cuts for now.

  11. Pradeep Sagane Gowda

    Xxxxxxxxddddd#>nsnsjejejchru we idnrj

  12. James Yang

    I will try it

    I received it super fast and I like the little table with charger. I like the fact that it is cordless and I will see if it can live up to the good reviews I saw

  13. Rabin Bista

    I liked the product. I am just learning to use it.

  14. John Radey

    At this point, I haven’t tried it. I’ve just opened the box and that’s it

  15. Alex Ush

    I haven’t used all the different clippers yet but seems pretty good so far though I’m not sure how long it will last. The close shave foil groomer I found was not the best for getting all the little small hairs especially on the neck but seems to work decently on the face.

  16. Hikmat Khan

    For beard/hair trimming this is the bomb. Vary quiet, complete attachments and short charge time make this stand out….plus it has a charging stand. If all that’s not enough, kit comes with a beautiful set of nail clippers and other tools in a very nice case. Try it you’ll like it !!

  17. Jodi Lookebill

    I have used on my son and husband once since i purchased and so far I’m very impressed. It shaves hair very smooth.

  18. Robert Burton

    These clippers have a great design and have so many more features than most any other brands I’ve seen out there.

    I was wondering why I couldn’t find one of those asurion insurance plans to add on to this? This was cleared up the moment the product arrived, as there is a free unconditional lifetime warranty for the product!

    Nice touch, Sminiker – you’ve got a happy new customer 😉

  19. Das Ganeshan

    I really like the neat organizing tray with ease of charging

  20. Michelle Norgard

    Product is okay. Doesn’t get as clean of a cut as other trimmers.

  21. Kara Cromwell

    I like the product so far. It works well. Like all of the attachments.

  22. Norman Ragaza

    Easy to use. The charge last a long time.

  23. Michael Robbins

    It’s great. Nose hair immediately gone.

  24. Michael Bonczak

    All needs in 1 razors which is a very nice bonus and having the base and charge separate is great for traveling

  25. Pamela Piazza

    Easy to use and good value for the price

  26. Arleshia Johnson

    Product is great. Many functions and uses. Chose this product after a lot of researching and reading reviews.

  27. Sergio Ponciano

    I like the fact that it has many parts. I used it 2-3 times and it has been great. Hopefully it will continue to work very well.

  28. Karen Kearney

    I bought this for my husband! I cut his hair and it worked great, he loved it & we love how organized you can keep all the attachments with the charging base. Love it!

  29. Cassandra Drinnon

    home during the pandemic with 3 boy children and a spouse who all need haircuts. So far its a great product with a wonderful guarantee. Other similar products have broken or been found useless.

  30. Phuong Vo

    If trimming scissors are included would be great.

  31. Kaitlyn Seymour

    It’s an amazing product. It got delivered earlier than expected and I used it upon arrival

  32. Anthony Dobson

    I like the design of the product. It has been very helpful during this time when barbershops are closed. It will serve as a good stopgap until they are reopened. Great for lining and grooming

  33. Elizabeth Traeger

    I like the versatility of the clippers. Trims nose ,ears body and hair.

  34. bill henyecz

    havent used yet just recieved shaver yesterday i hope it works well and i am also making sure i get my lifetime warrasnty along with free gift

  35. Collins Cheruiyot

    The trimming isn’t as close as i expected. I wish i could do sharp edges on my beard with it.

  36. Leif Carlson

    Just getting started but it works well

  37. Johnny

    I can finally cut my hair. Plus all the others one i have bought broke down on me so quick. Hopefully this one does the job i need it to do

  38. Julia Casalinova

    Amazing shave and grooming kit. Smaller clippers doesnt seem to cut the best but everything else is just amazing quality and craftsmanship. Thank you


    It looks good. I would recommend to have a smaller 1, 1.5 and 2mm

  40. Jeremy Hector

    It is well designed and works just as advertised. I am anxious to see how it holds up in time. The various blades and fittings make it a very functional all purpose groomer.

  41. chandrashekhar wankhede

    All products included in this order are of high quality. Works better than other I have.


    simple to use and very reliable.

  43. Frank Wooten

    My sons and I really like the new clippers, the different heads have been very useful. High Recommend the Clipper Set.

  44. Jason Brown

    Nice. Versatile. Very handy for all the male in the house since we can’t get to hairdresser. haircut Didn’t find instruction on cleaning and maintenance in the little brochure.

  45. Mahammedhanif Patel

    Great product, come with different options for hair, beard and nose trimmer.

  46. Terry Diaz

    I like that it is waterproof and has multiple attachments.

  47. Kiah

    Ñnnnnnnnnnnnnnnñmnnnnnnnñnnnnnnnnn9ooooooooooooooooooooooookoooooooojffvjvfd do do do do in the up on Friday for the

  48. Lo Heit

    Looks very professional. I like the set and can’t wait to try it all.

  49. Michael Monroe

    Power tray base and is very compact

  50. Luis Miranda

    It is powerful and easy to use. I like the fact that I can change parts and have a multi use machine. Very convenient.

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