Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Cat Dog Horse Clippers Professional Pet Clippers Grooming Kit,animal clippers Pet Grooming Kit(Gold)

(1101 customer reviews)

  • Heavy-duty gear for proper powerful cut, horse hair trimmer with stable and steady control. The R shaped edge design prevents from accidentally cutting your pet’s skin.
  • Titanium blade combining with the ceramic movable blade for efficient and long term cutting. The titanium blade of the pet clipper will not get rusty. It always keeps sharp and ensures high durability.
  • New user friendly, we provide3-6-9-12mm guide combs for your reference . Now you can safely trim your pet even if you’ve never done it before without fearing cutting your pet. With leveled comb, your pet’s hair will be trimmed perfectly even.
  • Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design, free it from work noise with only about 50 db, to help the pet feel at ease, not afraid haircut any more.
  • 2 Year Guarantee for pet grooming clippers! Just contact us if you are not satisfied 🙂


UPC:  712243507641

Input Power: 110V
Dimension: 45*175mm
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Using time: 5-6 hours
Net weight: 650g
Power cord length: about 175cm
Accessories: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm comb guides (used for adjusting hair length), adapter, cleaning brush

1 x Pet clipper
1 x Nail clipper
1 x Nail File
1 x AC Power Adapter
1 x Rechargeable battery
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Stainless steel scissors
4 x Comb Attachments(3/6/9/12mm)
1 x Manual

1101 reviews for Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Cat Dog Horse Clippers Professional Pet Clippers Grooming Kit,animal clippers Pet Grooming Kit(Gold)

  1. Arielle H Gonzalez

    This product cut my grooming time in half. My cat is a person and therefore has SO much hair it’s easier to shave her. In the past three clippers I had were lots and not as effective. I could see that she was more relaxed while I groomed her with this product.

  2. Kirtha B. Koon

    This clipper is amazing. It is wonderful to be able to use the clippers without having to worry about a cord being in the way. All the additional comb lengths and other accessories that came with the kit are very useful.

  3. Donald Chiasson

    It is not that noisy so my dog is not scard.

  4. Nancy Scherer

    It was a good deal. I found on Amazon and it was prime. There are many items that came with the shaver and I appreciate the warranty also.

  5. Mary Louis

    The best I’ve used in a very long time. Great price and great quality!!

  6. Erik Kreiter

    The trimmers cam fast. They look great and I can’t wait to use them. My cat will be so happy!

  7. Peter Rubino

    So far it is good I don’t trust the plastic teeth it has for longevity but it’s not something I’ll return it for

  8. Antoinette Dussault

    I am having trouble shaving my cat because she doesn’t like to be brushed so I can only shave her a little at a time but the shaver is so quiet I can get one or two shaves in before she runs but it works great! I have something that works and I don’t mind if it takes a long time.

  9. Lorretta DeBerry

    Amazing product and I love the design

  10. Paul Grubb

    Works wonderfully and really quiet.

  11. Anna

    Pretty cool and cheap, good reviews. Good kit

  12. Darci Wilson

    It is great for me to trim my dog at home without constantly overpaying at the groomers.

  13. Maria Rios

    Low noise, and great product. Works great on dogs and cats. Wish I would’ve bought it years ago

  14. larry e. cole

    I like everything about this ciipper set!

  15. Autumn Livers

    Works really well on my cats thick hair! My old ones died after a year.

  16. Laura Robben

    Its great! Comes with alot of useful components and extras in the box. And it works great

  17. Jenny Smith

    It looks very nice and works just the way I needed!

  18. Tom Cordock

    We have a male cat with lots of hair that needed trimming. The clippers worked miracles in areas that needed a lot of attention and help. Our little dude is much much happier these days. Thank you for your great product!

  19. Faith Ratzlaff

    Would be nice to make it even quieter. But the product is great.

  20. Nikki Schanzer

    Works great right out of the box. Clipped the cat

  21. Lynnsey Yates

    Looks good. Haven’t had the chance to try it yet though

  22. William H Snyder

    it is so easy to use ,quit does not scare my dog,made very very well .I am very pleased with this product.

  23. Valentina Azizova

    perfect product for my cat! a huge variety of items in the box which allows me to groom my cat without any issues. I am happy I discovered this set!

  24. Cherry Beckman

    Very easy to use. Low noise is what I like about

  25. JezuzCryst

    Can’t wait to use it on my dog, this boy needs it.

  26. Caroline Proctor

    I was very impressed by the quality of the trimmer and all of the additional products that came with it.

  27. Y. Windsperger

    So far so good. Just started using it.

  28. Amy Purdy

    pleased with the purchase. Like the fact that it is quieter.

  29. Geraldine Campo

    I love it. It has changed my life.

  30. Brenda Campbell

    Haven’t tried it yet, but impressed with the quality.

  31. angelle b nesbitt

    this product worked great and we was able to trim our dog in less than 30 mins. Its very low in noise so the dog feels comfortable. we love the product!!!!!!!

  32. Elizabeth Mota

    It’s very handable. Extremely low noise my pup isn’t scared. I love it.

  33. Sandro Depaula

    Bought it for hair mats on my longhair cat. Worked fine

  34. Tim Nance

    Great product and perfect for our long haired cat.

  35. Mabil Velis

    This product is so helpful for me because my poodle-mix’s hit grows so quickly and I don’t alejas have the time to take him to the groomer’s. It so easy to use and with all the different cutting length available. The little cleaning brush it comes with makes it so easy to keep the blades hair-free. The price is also great for everything included. I couldn’t be happier

  36. Kelly Collins

    I haven’t had a good chance to use th product yet, but the kit was a great price for everything it includes.

  37. Sarah Auvil

    Good value, comes with a lot in the set!

  38. Pati Combs

    The clippers are just the right size & weight. Easy to handle and the cordless feature is an added bonus!

  39. Emily Coria

    I like it because it goes smoothly on my pets skin, and it makes it very easy to cut/trim her hair!

  40. Oshrit Azoulay

    Just received the kit and it looks like a Great kit for pet grooming.
    Lots of options and various usage.
    Cannot wait to start use it for my dog.

  41. Kamil Chojnowski

    First grooming set and we are very impressed!

  42. Na Young Park

    It could be better if a sound is more quite. My cat is scared when I turn it on.
    I like it has many options for grooming my pet.

  43. Billie jo sevakis

    Just purchased this. Have not used it yet. So far the structure looks good. Great price! Good reviews. I plan on using this on my cat. Not sure about the noise. She is a little skittish.

  44. Gabby Eldridge

    I liked how your product came with accessories. i have an anxious Persian cat so I was looking for something that would shave a lot of hair quickly. I’m pleased with the clippers performance so far.

  45. Holly

    Love how quiet the clippers are and that they don’t overheat. Overall very happy!

  46. Katilyn Trowbridge

    The shaver is quite and does not frighten my cat. Easy to use. Love the lightness of it. Enjoy the attachments and that it is cordless. Very efficient and effective.

  47. Carrie Landis

    So far I like it. Just hope it holds up.

  48. Kristen Maroney

    My long haired cat gets a lot of mats on her back end and gets irritated with me combing her very quickly. Needed something quiet and efficient and this did the trick!

  49. Kate

    Amazing product!! I will be using this on my cat and dog!!

  50. Segio Perezcano

    Just got it gave not use it yet

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