Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Cat Dog Horse Clippers Professional Pet Clippers Grooming Kit,animal clippers Pet Grooming Kit(Gold)

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  • Heavy-duty gear for proper powerful cut, horse hair trimmer with stable and steady control. The R shaped edge design prevents from accidentally cutting your pet’s skin.
  • Titanium blade combining with the ceramic movable blade for efficient and long term cutting. The titanium blade of the pet clipper will not get rusty. It always keeps sharp and ensures high durability.
  • New user friendly, we provide3-6-9-12mm guide combs for your reference . Now you can safely trim your pet even if you’ve never done it before without fearing cutting your pet. With leveled comb, your pet’s hair will be trimmed perfectly even.
  • Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design, free it from work noise with only about 50 db, to help the pet feel at ease, not afraid haircut any more.
  • 2 Year Guarantee for pet grooming clippers! Just contact us if you are not satisfied 🙂


UPC:  712243507641

Input Power: 110V
Dimension: 45*175mm
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Using time: 5-6 hours
Net weight: 650g
Power cord length: about 175cm
Accessories: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm comb guides (used for adjusting hair length), adapter, cleaning brush

1 x Pet clipper
1 x Nail clipper
1 x Nail File
1 x AC Power Adapter
1 x Rechargeable battery
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Stainless steel scissors
4 x Comb Attachments(3/6/9/12mm)
1 x Manual

1088 reviews for Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Cat Dog Horse Clippers Professional Pet Clippers Grooming Kit,animal clippers Pet Grooming Kit(Gold)

  1. Wendi Sadauskas

    Package arrived and everything was just as described, works perfectly and easy to use.

  2. Brenda L Charves

    First time grooming my pet so I need to practice a little more but I am sure I will like this product

  3. Amy Ernst

    I have long haired cats and just moved to Florida. I need to keep them trimmed to keep them comfortable. So far I love how easy it is to use. First time cutting my cats hair- paid someone before to do it.

  4. jaime mcfarland

    For the price it is great to receive package deal. You get scissors, a comb, a nail file and more with the electric shaver

  5. Toni Ostalaza

    I haven’t tried it yet but I will tomorrow

  6. Jessica Walker

    Love the low noise.
    I need it to trim the fur around my cats butt. Works well for that. Although could use a smaller one to get in close.

  7. Ivy Phillips

    I used it to lion cut my long haired cats. It’s much quieter then other electric razors so it made it easier to keep the cats calm.

  8. Jessie Roller

    So far, this product has worked well and the cat I’ve used it on has dealt with it far better than any others I’ve tried on her.

  9. Alyson Aranda

    Super easy to use, the scissors were a little dull but the price range for everything is reasonable and the products were highly functional

  10. Victoria Blackmon

    So far the product is nice, the scissor is a bit dull and won’t cut my puppy’s hair but other than that the clippers are fairly quiet and easy to handle. I definitely will recommend it my friends.

  11. Nichol Pulido

    The product states it not loud. Well this product is no different then ither ones iveused

  12. Stephanie Bove

    Didn’t scare my cat! Not so noisy like others. Definitely recommend

  13. Erinn Smidt

    I use these in the grooming salon I work at every day, and we buy them for our new trainees. Love them!

  14. Tammy Van Zalen

    Haven’t used it yet as it’s charging. Can’t wait to trim my pup

  15. Saskia De Paz

    I used it just in a little section and what I loved the most was how silent it is. This is perfect for cats. I will use it later this week in her whole body and see the results.

  16. Carlos Anibal Acevedo

    It works relly good. I have used it and its perfect

  17. Serena Bales

    I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but I’m sure I will love it

  18. Kimberly Cruz

    Name does describe product! (Low noise) My dog is super anxious with clippers and after a couple minutes she was fine.

  19. Alexandru Vicol

    The device is quiet and is easy to use, being battery operated helps avoid the cord getting in the way. The built in trimmer five level shift is very handy as it allows to quickly adjust without the need to swap different guide comb.

  20. Barbara Lauricella

    Haven’t used it yet will definitely review once I try it

  21. Jeffrey José

    Good product, comfortable ergonomic design. Good cost benefit ratio.

  22. Lynette Ferry

    Nice and quiet operation – not heavy – cuts nicely and safely. Being as quiet as possible if very important with animals.

  23. Wei Liu

    The product works decently, it doesn’t seem to work with matted cat hair at all.

  24. Ryan Hall

    Low noise of clippers did not startle my cat the first time I turned it on. Easy to use for amateur groomers.

  25. Taryn Hesser

    Only turned it in once. Don’t know much yet

  26. Araceli Padron

    it does not scare my pet and she lets me shave her

  27. William Myers

    The ease of use with it being cordless. Less noise of other trimmers.

  28. Ngan Ngo

    I really do love this product. My only problem is that it can get a little bit hot and I constantly have to stop it and pull the hair out of the clippers. It does get stuck a lot.

  29. Betsy Prather

    This is the fourth one I have. It does get dull but it it has a lifetime warranty now that will fix the problem

  30. Aaron Holmes

    We haven’t tried it yet. It looked good based on the reviews.

  31. Jennifer colon

    I love it. I wish it would be a little more quiet though.

  32. Audrey Rabecs

    I have a long haired Persian cat. I do get her professionally groomed in the summer months, in the winter months I do not. This product is going to be perfect for me to trim her. It is quiet, works well and all of the extras included in the package are so useful also. I love it!!!

  33. Jessica Vo

    It gives my pup such a clean, professional-looking cut! For the price, you can’t beat it. And the clipper is super quiet and my puppy isn’t scared of it!

  34. Jayne Reaser

    It is a very nice clipper. It is quiet and my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stood perfectly still for me to clip him. I will highly recommend to my friends.

  35. margie miller

    Product came in very nice packaging. Feels like quality tools. Nice weight in the hand. Comber works well on my poodles fur. Scissors have a nice feel and cut well. Good quality for the price. Very happy with the purchase

  36. Diane McDevitt

    So far it works great, no complaints

  37. Lori Howell

    I like the ease and how quiet it is. It cuts really well and I’m excited to keep using it.

  38. Donna Stockford

    I like. Low noise. Got it for matted cat. More review after my husband finish cat

  39. Doris Mulero

    Thoroughly impressed with how it came packaged and all the extras! It had a charge when I took it out of the box so I immediately tested it on my Persian boys fur and it works great!

  40. Justin

    It’s nice great for my cats they are long hair and tend to get it knotted so great

  41. Cecilia Chong

    Amazing love it was amazing very easy to use

  42. Veronica Connolly

    Like that it’s cordless Because it makes it easier to move around and not get tangled up on my cats legs when I’m trying to shave her belly

  43. Hikari Jones

    Its great so far but i havent had it long

  44. Rashael DeLaCruz

    Everything was great but I did not like how messy it looked when I first received the package but other than that it was good

  45. Jacqueline M Beebee

    Happy with accessories and cordless clippers

  46. Robert Kirsop

    Our cat was frightened by clippers that made a lot of noise. Your clipper is quiet and we were able to do her grooming with no problem

  47. JoAnne

    I have not used it enough to know how it will work, but it looks good.

    I could use a longer guard; up to 1 inch.

  48. Zelig Kopel

    Product has great value… as in the price point is great for the build quality. I just wish it was Made in Taiwan or Hong Kong. Love all the accessories as well. Would recommend to friends.

  49. Angela Palacio

    Quiet and lots of accessories. Love that’s it’s rechargeable.

  50. Jessica Budzinack

    I borrowed this set from a friend and it worked absolutely amazing on my dogs difficult coat! The clippers didn’t overheat or die on me throughout the process and I was so impressed I had to buy some myself!

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