Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Cat Dog Horse Clippers Professional Pet Clippers Grooming Kit,animal clippers Pet Grooming Kit(Gold)

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  • Heavy-duty gear for proper powerful cut, horse hair trimmer with stable and steady control. The R shaped edge design prevents from accidentally cutting your pet’s skin.
  • Titanium blade combining with the ceramic movable blade for efficient and long term cutting. The titanium blade of the pet clipper will not get rusty. It always keeps sharp and ensures high durability.
  • New user friendly, we provide3-6-9-12mm guide combs for your reference . Now you can safely trim your pet even if you’ve never done it before without fearing cutting your pet. With leveled comb, your pet’s hair will be trimmed perfectly even.
  • Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design, free it from work noise with only about 50 db, to help the pet feel at ease, not afraid haircut any more.
  • 2 Year Guarantee for pet grooming clippers! Just contact us if you are not satisfied 🙂


UPC:  712243507641

Input Power: 110V
Dimension: 45*175mm
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Using time: 5-6 hours
Net weight: 650g
Power cord length: about 175cm
Accessories: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm comb guides (used for adjusting hair length), adapter, cleaning brush

1 x Pet clipper
1 x Nail clipper
1 x Nail File
1 x AC Power Adapter
1 x Rechargeable battery
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Stainless steel scissors
4 x Comb Attachments(3/6/9/12mm)
1 x Manual

873 reviews for Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Cat Dog Horse Clippers Professional Pet Clippers Grooming Kit,animal clippers Pet Grooming Kit(Gold)

  1. Shari Hanson

    Easy to use. Pretty quiet. Lightweight

  2. Landon Schwartz

    Havent used it yet
    Havent used it yet
    Havent used it yet
    Havent used it yet
    Sleek design. Love the extras like comb and scissors and nail trimming

  3. Jace Anderson

    well i dont know too much about it actually but what i do know is it definitely can use this to shave fake fur

  4. Debra Davis

    Easy to charge and very quite. I like the different size attachments that it comes with so your have a choice of what to use. There are many accessories that come with it for that extra grooming. I purchased it because of the reviews about how easy it is to use on cats especially older ones.

  5. Joyce Anderson

    I’ve been looking at it but for the price I really didn’t think it would work but it works awesome and I have told my friends and they are going to order it till you do make a great product and I appreciate that because I can’t afford to take my dog in every six weeks for a haircut

  6. Stacey kritz

    I am very happy with this clippers. Its getting the job done well. Happy to have purchased it.

  7. Jacob Lum

    Very quiet and cuts great! Perfect for cleaning up feet and face

  8. Jeana Little

    I like the clippers. They are quiet and the comb works supper good

  9. Rangel Huang

    Heard about some good review of this product from our doodle lover community group, and I decided to give a try. I will pick up my pup in couple weeks, My doodle puppy will get mat very easily and need grooming oftentimes. If your product can has a convertible smaller trimer head for paws face ear and eyes, That’ll be great. And I don’t have to buy both.

  10. Meredith Ferleger

    We purchased one of these years ago for our Main Coon who is terrified of clippers. Because these are quiet, we were able to de-sensitize him to the sound and can now use them without issue. Our last pair lost strength so these are a replacement.

  11. Debbi Fraley

    It was quiet and did not distress my cat to much

  12. Linda Pierce

    This is my second husband’s friend gave him one for me and I loved it. It didnt have a charger. So I decided to order the whole kit. So much easier to use on my pet than other is also so much quicker. It’s awesome.

  13. Raylee Beauregard

    I think this product is amazing! It’s excellent quality and easy to use. I purchased to tidy up my 18 year old long hair cat who developed a lot of mats and it removed them perfectly!

  14. Felicia Blake

    Work’s great. Very smooth and quiet to use. Love the accessories that come with it.

  15. JoAnn Higginbotham

    I am very pleased with the product.

  16. Jenna

    The shaver works well. Haven’t figured out how to use the nail clippers yet

  17. Lexi Harris

    I just got it and am eager to finally get some mats off my car.

  18. Kelly connelly

    I just received the product. Once I use it on our cat, I’ll let you know how it goes.

  19. Mary Edison

    It is very quite and will be great for shaving my cat.

  20. Ashley Abadie Qatoum

    This is my second time purchasing this product my other one broke and I couldn’t live without it, I have been grooming professionally for over 18 years and this product is amazing and worth every cent . I love that it comes with all the extras.

  21. Anthony Voorhees

    Good quality so far. Affordable, sturdy. Quick charging. Compact. Nice assortment of supplies.good clippers
    Good quality so far. Affordable, sturdy. Quick charging. Compact. Nice assortment of supplies.good clippersGood quality so far. Affordable, sturdy. Quick charging. Compact. Nice assortment of supplies.good clippers

  22. katie curran

    Great product with good reviews. I like that it comes with multiple tools and nail clippers. hoping it will be easy to use on my cat

  23. Haben

    Would be nice if it was for cast and dogs.

  24. Ed Szabo

    Very worried cat. We normally take him to be groomed. Let him go too long.

  25. Gloria

    I like the slim feature, makes it easy to grab. Also like that it came with other necessary tools for trim like the nail clippers, file, scissors and metal comb. Also like that it is rechargeable.

  26. Jacob Lum

    Very quiet! My dog doesn’t mind it at all

  27. Cynthia Bates

    The clippers seem to work very well; have used them only once so far. I also appreciate all the useful accessories that came with the clippers.

  28. Alice Hayes

    I am still learning how to use it but so far I like it. I like that it comes with a choice of guards.

  29. olga laurel

    I just trimmed my elderly cat’s fur. It was easier than I thought and the low noise didn’t spook him.

  30. Candy Walsh

    Bought to keep my kitty trim love the low noise feature

  31. Tawhida Chowdhury

    This is my second trimmer that I’ve ordered off of Amazon and I’m pleasantly surprised. It works much better compared to the one I tried before & it’s definitely easier to use.

  32. Katie Lin M Cote

    I was in need of a pet shaver for my 3 long-haired cats. Used correctly, this product works beautifully and I was able to save my cats a lot of pain from their fur being matted. This is a wonderful product for the price and the lifetime warranty is appreciated! All in all, extremely happy with my purchase!

  33. Alvin Brown

    Awesome my cat loves them because no loud noise..

  34. Dee OHara

    This is a great clipper, plus you get all the added items. I have 3 cats with long hair so wow!
    Its quiet and cordless a major plus!

  35. Matthew Wohlberg

    Very gentle for our cat. She sat right through the grooming. Awesome!

  36. Ruben Carrillo

    It’s worked out great for me I like it because it’s quiet and my dog does not jump or jitter over it

  37. Cynthia Mellon-Parsons

    It seems like a good product, although I haven’t used it yet.

  38. Laura Diamond

    Surprisingly easy to use. I have always had my Persian cat groomed and decided to take a chance. There is a learning curve but practice makes perfect!

  39. Courtney brown

    I love that it does not have a cord because the cord limits you and scares my cat. Since it’s cordless I can calmly go to my cat and do a little trimming here and there. It’s also quiet so the noise doesn’t startle her

  40. Marie Walker

    This is our second Sminiker Pet Clippers. I love this! It’s super easy to hold, cordless, very quiet and comes with several attachments; not to mention all at a very competitive price. Our little Madi prefers us to use this one instead of the corded professional one we have.

  41. Ronald Morales

    Perfect for my dog love it thank you for this product I love it my but he loves it

  42. Sydney Yow

    This was good to shave off some of the Matts on our long haired kitty. The sound was surprisingly quite so she wasn’t scared.

  43. jean fochler

    Very nice. Never used one before anxious to really trim pets

  44. Bulent Gucuk

    Easy to use. Have a toy poodle and this is the only groomer successful with her coat.

  45. Kimberly Cardenas

    Product was very very very very very good

  46. Maria Ramos

    I like this product because It is easy to handle and came with a complete kit to groom

  47. Rebekah Rose Biernacki

    I really like it. I wish there was more of an explanation on what the different levels are and examples of each level when you trim their hair.

  48. Jennifer Mott

    I love how it’s quiet and I like all the pieces it comes with if I would change it I would just add a storage bag to store it in

  49. Gilbert Rubley

    Great value for the price, low clipper noise.

  50. Emily Neuman

    This is my first purchase from here and I am happy with what I have received. It looks exactly like what is shown.

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